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December 25, 2012
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Inner Universe by CelticBotan Inner Universe by CelticBotan
EPIC TUTORIAL VIDEO, WITH VOICE NARRATION (I'm so sorry for making you listen to me speaking in English, LOLZ, hope it's at least understandable xD):
:bulletpurple::bulletpurple: [link] :bulletpurple::bulletpurple:


"Finding out a galaxy of planets and stars within me,
Listening to each of them singing the same silent melody..."

("LIVING INSIDE THE SHELL", by Yoko Kanno and Shanti Snyder)



A Christmas gift to myself, haha! On the same vibe of my painting of Anneke van Giersbergen, COLORATURA, I bring you Sharon den Adel's "Inner Universe" =D After defining Anneke's voice and personality in an image, of course I felt the urge to make the same thing with Sharon :heart:

Since she doesn't have tattoos like Anneke, I thought it would be fun mixing her epic-popular dance moves with symbols I would create for her, which involved a lot of thought about what I've seen for all these years in live performances, interviews and the lyrics of Within Temptation's songs.

For what I could gather so far, Within Temptation's motto is humanity in general - sometimes they introduce a character with a problem and then a solution that usually isn't the easiest one (like in "Frozen" or "Hand of Sorrow") and/or controversial ("The Promise", the whole "The Unforgiving" story); sometimes they give us advices, like they did in "See Who I Am" and "The Last Time". Sometimes they discuss about the problems of the world in general and questions why it is the way it is ("Deceiver of Fools", "Our Solemn Hour", "Utopia"). And sometimes they show us a hint of their own experiences (again, "Deceiver of Fools" and "Say My Name). The effect their music has on me is like a light in the darkness, a sign that everything will be OK if we do what we have to do. I thought of stars - they are the eyes of the night, they illuminate and guide us as well; seems very appropriate to me.

I wanted something very colorful and with a lot of whimsical light in the painting because she is such a cheerful person, but using specially cool colors to make it more restrained due to her age, maturity, etc and because everyone has their own issues and she is no different, though I (of course) don't know about them, they exist - which is why I also wanted her rib cage bones to show as well, she's a person like all of us. =D Her music comes from her heart up to her throat; the waves and spirals and it's different colors means movement, the changes WT went through the years and the complexity of her character and music =) The little hearts also represent her passion about music but also how loving she is towards her fans and I'm a witness of this. :heart:

Short version: Sharon is a music bender /jk

Well, enough with explanations :XD:

Enjoy! :wave:

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~> MAIN REFERENCE: [link]

Paint Tool SAI
Photoshop CS2
Wacom bamboo PEN
Total of 8h15m

ART (c) ME, ~CelticBotan
SHARON DEN ADEL (c) Gods of Music (and Robert)
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Thank you so much! :heart:
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trabalho divulgado na página no álbum: [link]

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