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"Not a subject to control, you call upon a higer power
For help and inspiration
(...) Leaning over your fourtieth masterpiece
You must have loved the colour of these violins..."

("TRAVEL", by The Gathering)


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Hello there, people! It's been a while.

I need to ask you girls and guys and inbetween what do you think of me seeling prints of my original stuff: if you are interested in buying any of my stuff, and if you know of any prints website that's nice and safe that you could recommend me?

I confess I am really new to this area, but I am really willing to learn more, and well, spread my art around and give you all some options of prints to buy from me, since some of you have showed some interest in them along the time.
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  • Reading: "Briar's Book", by Tamora Pierce
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Celtic Botan
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art

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Paint Tool SAI, Wacom Bamboo PEN, Photoshop CS6, ballpoint pens and watercolors

Favourite characters:
Yuuko Ichihara (xXxHoLiC), Master Oogway (Kung Fu Panda), Jane Rizzoli (Rizzoli & Isles books/show), Kida (Atlantis)


Artemisio and Apolliana

Another challenge on 2Minds challenge group on Facebook! This week, we were supposed to genderbend a greek god/dess - I decided to draw two of them, so I made "Artemisio" and "Apolliana" - mostly because Artemis is my ALL TIME FAVE of the whole Pantheon, but them I added Apollo too, day/night is a really fun theme to paint! 
Also it was fun, practicing a different body types and painting star-freackles :heart:

Enjoy! :wave:

P.S.: yes, both of them are supposed to look very androgynous ;) Also, Mature Content is on because nipples are polemic.)

Paint Tool SAI | Wacom Bamboo PEN | PS CS6

The Golden Trio by CelticBotan
The Golden Trio

Last Harry Potter challenge of January, from 2Minds challenges group on Facebook. The challenge was "Draw your favorite character of the series", but since I don't really have a favorite character, for I like pretty much all of them for different reasons, I decided to draw the Golden Trio <3

I went with a headcanon very comon on Tumblr which I like a lot, of Harry being half Indian/half white, which gives even more dimension to the character, and much more meaning to why the Dursleys hated James and Harry so much.

And because Harry looks so cute like that! :love:

*Edit: since some people here can't really interpret what they read / are functional iliterates:
Harry Potter was always been about friendship, love and compassion AND prejudice. Their villain is a wizard equivalent of Hitler, killing people for not being "pure" according to HIS standards and beliefs, when he wasn't the "pure blood" he spoke of so much at all to begin with, since his father was muggle. Hermione was called
slurs and tortured with said slur burned into her own flesh by a group of psychopaths that killed and tortured people they considered"impure" - or do you also think it is a coincidence that in the movies, Death Eaters dress up like KKK in black, or all the anti-muggle propaganda by the corrupted minstry was all red/white/black?

Magic and dragons and spells, like in any well-written fiction, are only a background for REAL problems of REAL people. Ron was also a victim of it and was also an outcast because his family was poor and he had lots of sibblings, they were frowned upon by Lucius Malfoy and all of their "noble" peers that thought Weasleys were scum for being poor and"betraying" their traditional family's blood. It is not that hard to understand. "
but they suffered prejudices nonetheless and they didn't have to be black/indian for that" - yeah, but it is black/Indian/non-white people in the real world that have to go through those stuff. That's exactly the point. Like Daja in "the Circle of Magic" series by Tamora Pierce - she is a black Trader girl, and many characters in that series are black people in positions of power, her included. But she is frowned upon by society not because the color of her skin but because she is Trader/of the Trader culture that is considered "bad". That is symbolism, metaphor. About real world problems and about real people that go through this. To show through characters that we shouldn't judge for skin color/religion/gender/etc. Stories are written in a social/local/economic context by people with opinions and problematic views as well. 

Long story short, if skin color doesn't matter, than it shouldn't matter to you how I painted them - and if you don't agree with my points of view, don't like the art, don CARE about any of this, it is simple: don't comment. Quit the page. Block me if you want. It is really this simple. Or are you telling me you would write me a Bible-lenght comment if the characters were all white/based on the movie actors? If not, please control/restrain yourself from commenting.


Paint Tool SAI | Wacom Bamboo Pen | PS CS6

Catties Studies by CelticBotan
Catties Studies
Practice on Photoshop / study of hipster cat's picture and a caracal under dramatic lighting.
Enjoy! :wave:

Photoshop CS6 | Wacom Bamboo Pen
Elf Girl Portrait by CelticBotan
Elf Girl Portrait
A test I did a while ago, using Photoshop to paint something - and still asking myself how can people use this thing to draw and paint anything, really. #TeamSAI (or any other program, really @__@)

Painted the portrait of a cute elf-girl :heart:

Wacom Bamboo Pen | Photoshop CS6
Care of Magical Creatures Assignment - Kelpie by CelticBotan
Care of Magical Creatures Assignment - Kelpie

Another challenge on a Facebook group - drawing a creature for Hagrid, to Care of Magical Creatures class, as if to illustrate the "Monster Book of Monsters".

I hope I will get some nice points for Hufflepuff with this assignment! ;)

Paint Tool SAI | Wacom Bamboo PEN | Photoshop CS6


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