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"Not a subject to control, you call upon a higer power
For help and inspiration
(...) Leaning over your fourtieth masterpiece
You must have loved the colour of these violins..."

("TRAVEL", by The Gathering)


:new: SOCIETY6 STORE! :new:


2017 - 1 by CelticBotan

 :star: 2017 UPDATE: Star! Tweaked on the rules and changed the examples. Prices are still the same.

Sketch: $12 (+$5 per extra character)
Flat Color: $25 (+$10 per extra character)
Full color: $40 
(+$15 per extra character)

Sketch: $20 (+$9 per extra character)
Flat Color: $50(+$15 per extra character)
Full color: $75 
(+$30 per extra character)

Sketch: $30 (+$12 per extra character)
Flat Color: $70(+$20 per extra character) 
Full color: $120(+$45 per extra character)

  • These prices are for non-comercial, personal commissions only; they do not aply for commercial illustrations. send me an email if you wish to include my art in any commercial uses.

  •  Send me an email on with the type of commission you want along with nice and clear reference pics and a detailed description. If you note me on deviantart or message me on tumblr I will tell you to email me anyway, so please don’t use those to contact me;

  • Flat/full color includes simple backgrounds; intricate bg’s will cost extra; extra detailed characters may also cost extra (armors, jewelry, etc)

  • Payment via paypal invoice, USD currency - I will only accept payments via invoices and full payment before hand. so please, also send me the email your paypal account is attached to so I can send you the invoice. 

  •  I will send you work in progress shots, and then the final product in full res. and a websize, watermarked version;

  • I will draw pretty much everything, except violence/gore (a little bit of blood / light bruises are ok), sexual situations (cute romance is ok, no matter the char’s genders), heavy machinery/robots, buildings and cityscapes. You can take a look at my gallery on dA or check “my art” tag on tumblr to have an idea of what I usually do - and please, have that in mind before commissioning me as well.

  • I reserve all the rights to the work, and I may share it online, include it in my portfolios and sell prints of iit in the future if I decide so (unless you specifically tell me not to);

  • I may decline a commission if I think I should; please don’t take it personally;

  • If you want to upload it somewhere, like a personal blog / an OC galleries, I am ok with it as long as you credit me and link back to any of my social networks  (dA,FB page,Instagram, art Tumblr account). And only upload the web-size, watermaked version I  send you. DO NOT upload the full version/ un-watermarkled version ANYWHERE - this is literally my only strict rule;

  • In cases of tumblr, facebook or twitter, I'd rather if you reblog/share from my own accounts - if I haven’t posted it for some reason, please tell me and I will so you can reblog/share from me;

Any questions, doubts, suggestions, etc, please send me an email, I will be happy to answer you!

  • Listening to: "Fool's Overture", by Supertramp
  • Drinking: Water


CelticBotan's Profile Picture
Celtic Botan
Artist | Professional | Digital Art

My Twitter:

My ART TUMBLR account:


My Instagram:

Paint Tool SAI, Wacom Bamboo PEN, Photoshop CS6, ballpoint pens and watercolors

Favourite characters:
Yuuko Ichihara (xXxHoLiC), Master Oogway (Kung Fu Panda), Scully & Mulder (X-Files), Sailor Chibi Moon, Sailor Jupiter (sailor Moon), Botan, Kurama (YuYu Hakusho), Kida (Atlantis), Lily Rush (Cold Case), Olivia Benson & Elliot Stabler (Law & Order: SVU)


Birth of Stars (COMMISSION)


Fantasy portrait commissioned by awesome Jasmine.
Thanks a lot, this was super fun to paint!

Paint Tool SAI | Wacom Bamboo Fun | Photoshop CS6 | 4h

YouTube | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | Society6 | Pinterest | Tumblr



High noon, oh I'd sell my soul for water

Nine years worth of breakin' my back
There's no sun in the shadow of the wizard
See how he glides, why he's lighter than air?

Oh, I see his face!

Where is your star?
Is it far, is it far, is it far?
When do we leave?
I believe, yes, I believe!

In the heat and the rain, with whips and chains
To see him fly, so many die
We build a tower of stone
With our flesh and bone
Just to see him fly
But don't know why

Now where do we go?

Hot wind, moving fast across the desert
We feel that our time has arrived
The world spins, while we put his dream together
A tower of stone to take him straight to the sky
Oh, I see his face!

Where is your star?
Is it far, is it far, is it far?
When do we leave?
Hey, I believe, I believe!

In the heat and the rain, with whips and chains
Just to see him fly, too many die
We build a tower of stone
With our flesh and bone
To see him fly
But we don't know why

Oh, now where do we go?

All eyes see the figure of the wizard
As he climbs to the top of the world
No sound, as he falls instead of rising
Time standing still, then there's blood on the sand

Oh, I see his face!

Where was your star?
Was it far, was it far?
When did we leave?
We believed, we believed, we believed

In heat and rain, with the whips and chains
To see him fly, so many died
We built a tower of stone
With our flesh and bone
To see him fly

But why
In all the rain, with all the chains
Did so many die just to see him fly

Look at my flesh and bone
Now, look, look, look, look,
Look at his tower of stone!
I see a rainbow rising
Look there, on the horizon
And I'm coming home,
I'm coming home, I'm coming home

Time is standing still, he gave back my will
Going home, I'm going home

My eyes are bleeding
And my heart is leaving here
But it's not home, but it's not home

Take me back,
He gave me back my will

Going home
I'm going home

My eyes are bleeding, and my heart is leaving here
But it's not home, but it's not home

Take me back, take me back
Back to my home.

("STARGAZER", by Rainbow)


Stargazer is one of my favorite songs :heart: It is just so cinematic and epic I couldn't resist designing it a fake movie poster =D 
Also, an attempt of painting somethign more "concept art" / landscapes and such~

Paint Tool SAI | Wacom Bamboo Fun | Photoshop CS6

YouTube | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | Society6 | Pinterest | Tumblr



Latest commission I did, lovely Veronica's original character, a little boy who has some special powers ;)
Thank you a lot Veronica!

Paint Tool SAI | Wacom Bamboo Pen | Photoshop CS6 | Around 1h30m

YouTube | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | Society6 | Pinterest | Tumblr
Alphonse Elric


My girlfriend asked me to draw her one of her favorite characters from Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, and so I did it <3

Ballpoint pen (brown color), Sakura Watercolors, Canson paper 300 g/m²

YouTube | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | Society6 | Pinterest | Tumblr
Linearts / Sketchdump #2


All the sketches and drawings I made on the last few weeks:
- top row is Kevin Kryder (from X-Files S03E11), and a Season 10!Scullers;
- Second row are respectively a Leaf Fairy, a little modern elf and child!Sam;
- 3rd and 4th rows were drawings I made while hanging out at my friend's pet shop. I drew these two little doggies that came in for a bath and to be groomed. The first one was a Shih Tzu called Lucca and the second, a Yorkshire Terrier called Malu <3
- last two rows feature my OC Rose :heart:

The top/X-Files row - ballpoint pens (black and light blue, brown and purple)
All the others - Micropens (dark brown and light brown, 0.1 and 0.5)
The colored one was done with Sakura watercolors

YouTube | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | Society6 | Pinterest | Tumblr


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