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"Not a subject to control, you call upon a higer power
For help and inspiration
(...) Leaning over your fourtieth masterpiece
You must have loved the colour of these violins..."

("TRAVEL", by The Gathering)


Comm 1 by CelticBotan

Sketch: $12 (+$5 per extra character)
Flat Color: $25 (+$10 per extra character)
Full color: $40 
(+$15 per extra character)

Sketch: $20 (+$9 per extra character)
Flat Color: $50(+$15 per extra character)
Full color: $75 
(+$30 per extra character)

Sketch: $30 (+$12 per extra character)
Flat Color: $70(+$20 per extra character) 
Full color: $120(+$45 per extra character)

  • These prices are for non-comercial, personal commissions only; theydo not aply for commercial illustrations. send me an email if you wish to include my art in any commercial uses.
  • Send me an email on with the type of commission you want along with nice and clear reference pics and a detailed description.

  • Flat/full color includes simple backgrounds; intricate bg’s will cost extra; extra detailed characters may also cost extra (armors,jewelry, etc) 

  • Payment via paypal (, USD currency - mark it as “goods and services”; full payment before or half of the payment so I can start and the other half when I finish it so I can send you the final product in full res. and a websize, watermarked version

  • I will draw pretty much everything, except violence/gore (a little bit of blood / light bruises are ok), sexual situations (cute romance is ok, no matter the char’s genders), heavy machinery/robots, buildings and cityscapes. you can take a look at my gallery on dA or check “my art” tag on tumblr to have an idea of what I usually do - and please, have that in mind before commissioning me as well.

  • I reserve all the rights to the work, and I may share it online, include it in my portfolios and sell prints of iit in the future if I decide so (unless you specifically tell me not to);

  • I may decline a commission if I think I should; please don’t take it personally;

  • If you want to upload it somewhere, like a personal blog / an OC gallery where people upload their OC’s drawn by other artists through commissions, I am ok with it as long as you credit me and link back to any of my social networks (dA,FB page, Instagram, art Tumblr account) and upload the web-size version I send you and not the full version;

Any questions, doubts, suggestions, etc, please send me an email, I will be happy to answer you!

  • Listening to: "Kiseki no Umi", by Maaya Sakamoto
  • Drinking: Water


CelticBotan's Profile Picture
Celtic Botan
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art

My Twitter:

My ART TUMBLR account:


My Instagram:

Paint Tool SAI, Wacom Bamboo PEN, Photoshop CS6, ballpoint pens and watercolors

Favourite characters:
Yuuko Ichihara (xXxHoLiC), Master Oogway (Kung Fu Panda), Scully & Mulder (X-Files), Sailor Chibi Moon, Sailor Jupiter (sailor Moon), Botan, Kurama (YuYu Hakusho), Kida (Atlantis), Lily Rush (Cold Case), Olivia Benson & Elliot Stabler (Law & Order: SVU)


Another HP!AU by CelticBotan
Another HP!AU
...or not, this is a drawing I made back in 2014 but never posted - my girlfriend had this super cool dream back then, where she was in Hogwarts and I was a muggle that lived in a nearby village or something. The amount of headcanons we made out of this dream is ridiculous, but it was also ridiculously fun, lol :heart: :heart: Also, the dream she had was kinda inspired in Kiki's Delivery Service that we had watched a while before, because she told me about this scene where she was flying on a broom and I was riding a bike, kind of racing.

And because I am some corny motherfucker, I added our pets into it (my dog Pepper and her kitty-cat Josie :heart: )

Paint Tool SAI | PS CS4 | Wacom Bamboo Pen
 | Since it's been 5ever, I dont remember how long it took me to do this, lol.
QUICK BEN (Commission) by CelticBotan
QUICK BEN (Commission)


Recent commission I've done - fanart of Quick Ben from "Malazan Book of the Fallen" book series.
Thank you once more, Annabella!

Paint Tool SAI | Wacom Bamboo Pen | PS CS6 | Around 6h

Frangipani (Portrait Commission) by CelticBotan
Frangipani (Portrait Commission)


Recent commission I've done - a tribute to a grandmother who saddly passed away. The client wanted it to be very happy and a cheerful memory nonetheless.

I was honored to be part of it! Thanks a lot, Naomi!

Paint Tool SAI | Wacom Bamboo Pen | PS CS6 | Around 3h

Lady Envy (COMMISSION) by CelticBotan


Latest commission i've done - fanart of Lady Envy from "Malazan Book of the Fallen" book series. Thank you a lot, Annabella!

Paint Tool SAI | Wacom Bamboo Pen | PS CS6 | Around 6h
Isabeau - THE CHANGE by CelticBotan
Isabeau - THE CHANGE



- Out there are hunters
"Let's say, 'predators'"
I have weapons that could destroy them
"You must out-create, it's the only way
I am the hunter and the hunted - joined together"

You create duality
"And neutrality
I must leave you with the Fire muse
Show her the riddle, it is serious
If you lose out there"
- I'll be the hare
"Then I'm the greyhound, chasing after you"
Then I will change my frequency to a fish that thinks
"Then you will find yourself in the paws
Of the otter, near her jaws"
- Then I'll grow my wings as a flying thing
"Flying thing, you be warned: I'm the falcon"
Watch me change into a grain of corn
"A grain of corn, hear the alarm in your head, 
I'm the hen, black and red - and you're in my barn
They would have won

Use your head
Or you'll be dead"
("The Chase" by Tori Amos) 


Not sure if I will actually do this, but I want to paint more characters I love but never really got the chance / will to draw, or didn't draw as often - like the first one of this (maybe?) series, Isabeau from Witches of Eileanan book series that I HIGHLY recommend.

She is one of my favorite characters ever because she starts as a naive, raised in a protected valey 16 year old teenager and finds out in the hard way how things actually are, to the point we as readers might think she is "too naive" (which is true) or that she is "weak" (I've never thought that of her, but some might think like that when they meet the character); but she evolves constantly during the series of six books and grows up in all aspects. However, she never ever losses the sense of justice and compassion and determination she was brought up with. Beau is simply amazing :heart:

Paint Tool SAI | Wacom Bamboo Pen | PS CS6 | around 3h or 4h
Art (c) Me, Celtic Botan. DO NOT USE, ALTER OR COPY.

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